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Чемпионат России
Уфа, ст. Нефтяник
20 октября 16:30
Молодёжное первенство
Уфа, ст. Нефтяник
19 октября 12:00
Уфа М
Уфа М
Рубин М
Рубин М
Zhemaletdinov within Top-3 RFPL Best Young Player Award
Elmir Nabiullin: It´s so Great Hosting Some of the Best...
Soslan Dzhanaev' Save Named Best Moment of November
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Kurban Berdyev: Things Got Complicated after the Red Card
Lokomotiv - Rubin - 1:0
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Lokomotiv U21 vs Rubin U21 - 3:2
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Get your Online Tickets for the Final Match of 2017
Lokomotiv U21 vs Rubin U21 to be Played this Friday at 16:00
Fedor Kudryashov: Working Hard to Improve our Performance
Kurban Berdyev: Loko are Topping the Table and They...
Press&Media Open Training Session
Lokomotiv vs Rubin Referees Appointed
Happy Birthday, Mr. Saymanov!
Zhemaletdinov Gets Best Young Player Nomination
Moritz Bauer: We should Work Hard and Remain a Solid Team
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Viktor Goncharenko: It was Important to Keep Concentrated
Rubin - CSKA - 0:1
Rubin U17 Won Bronze Medals of Football Union of Russia...
Pre #RubinCSKA Trivia

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